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Organisation Design & Strategy

Designs for businesses We can work with you to formulate your strategy and/or organization design.

The strategy and structure of your organisation forms the foundation from which you can grow and develop as a business. However, too many organizations are held back with red tape and politics due to complicated structures which in turn does not allow the company to innovate, grow and become the place to work.

We will work with you to formulate the best-fit design for your organisation

Your "Best-fit" design will depend on what you want to achieve and your current ways of working to include your strategy, structure, rewards, processes and people.

We can work with you to deliver:

  • Best-fit organization design options
  • Best-fit department design options
  • The re-design of business-unit structures, major functions and business teams
  • Assessments on how effective your current organisation structure is
  • Company and HR strategy design
  • Identify the impacts of re-design on processes, procedures and policies
  • Identify the impacts on measurements, rewards, clarity, culture and leadership
  • An effective Change Plan for migration and/or implementation activities