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New UAE labour law changes from January 2011

Retirement age in UAE
Maximum age that foreign workers can be employed in UAE increased from 60 to 65 years old.

Part time work permits for students and other expat residents

From January 2011, university and college students sponsored by the institute in the UAE at which they are enrolled can legally work part-time under certain conditions. Students need to apply for a part-time work permit from the UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL). Not clear if students must be studying full-time, or if the new labour law decree also applies to part-time students.

The part-time employment permit is also available to expat residents working full-time who have a valid labour card, and to expat wives sponsored by their husband. Not clear if expat husbands under wife sponsorship can also obtain a part-time work permit.

The part-time employment permit allows the holder to be employed in more than one part-time job.

Juvenile or teenage work permits

From January 2011, teenagers from 15-18 years of age can find jobs in the UAE after obtaining a teenage work permit from the MOL.

There are restrictions on the type of work and hours of employment. Ministerial decree 1189 for 2010 specifies 31 categories of work in which juveniles are not permitted to work, including underground jobs in mines, quarries, and other work related to mining; furnaces of melting metals; oil refining; bakeries; asphalt industry.
Validity period of juvenile work permit is one year maximum.

Short term and temporary labour permit in UAE

Expat and foreign workers over the age of 18 (and less than 65 years of age) who have not previously worked in the UAE can now apply for short-term work permits valid for 60 days at a time according to UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL)

The 60-day work permits can be renewed up to 5 times (6 times reported but later information said maximum total period of one year), renewal must be made before expiry date of the permit or last renewed period.